Inspiration: all things street

tumblr, fashiontoast.com, hanneli.com, something navy, cocotali & some were just pictures lying around in my computer

Decided to do two posts today, since I'm a lil' free. These days I have been obsessed with everything and anything street, thus the title. I think streetstyle is sickly dope because it's so inspirational. It is so diverse and different people have different styles and they're not afraid to show it. If you've got style, flaunt it! Its amusing to see the different styles and elements brought together in clothing, some even seem a lil other worldly, in a good way. I still have some other streetstyle inspirations but these are just some of them. Other items in my obsession jar are rings (in all shapes & sizes). Too bad my fingers are tiny that they're all too lose for me. Im yet to get them re-sized, but what the hell, I still buy them. 

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